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River links on or near the Greenway

River Crossing Links: Programs
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Above the Falls Masterplan

Acquisition and conversion of the rail bridge as a river crossing is a long-term goal shared by the City of Minneapolis.

video - 4 min

RiverFirst is a generational initiative to bring world-class parks and trails to the Mississippi Riverfront in Minneapolis.


Mississippi Paddle Share

Put on the life jacket and explore the river while paddling to your end location

Water Taxi

Take a cruise on the river.

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Minneapolis Parks Foundation

We believe in the promise of parks to transform human lives through parks and public spaces by aligning philanthropic investment and community vision.

Broadway Bridge video - 5 min

An urban explorer crossing the bridge winter 2020.  Scenic views and existing conditions.


Friends of the Mississippi River

This is a river where residents and visitors can escape the rush of daily life to find solitude in a hidden backwater, mystery beside ancient mounds, and the wonder of paddling past towering bluffs.


The Mississippi Watershed Management Organization works to protect and improve water quality, habitat and natural resources in an urban watershed that drains directly into the Mississippi River.

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