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Great Northern Greenway 18th Avenue NE map


Marshall Street to the Diagonal Trail


18th Avenue

18th Avenue Northeast

Marshall Street to the Diagonal Trail

The eastern section of the Greenway connects six neighborhoods, the Northeast Arts District, and Central Avenue’s increasingly multicultural shopping and eating district. It also runs near Edison High School and Northeast Community Library. The East Bank Trail connects to Boom Island and the St. Anthony Falls Heritage District.

Primarily an off-street trail, it mostly follows along 18th Avenue NE and has been constructed over the last 20 years.  Much of the trail has been completed since 2018, but the first section was built in the late 1990s when The Quarry shopping center was constructed. The next section was built in 2010 along an abandoned railroad right of way between California and 6th Streets NE. At about this time, the Northeast Diagonal Trail was built, connecting the Greenway across Stinson Boulevard and New Brighton Boulevard.  A two-year reconstruction of 18th Street between Monroe and Johnson Streets NE added a sidewalk-level side path. Trail improvements were added between Johnson and Stinson in 2020.

Two trail gaps remain, one from California to Marshall Streets NE will be completed in 2022 and lead Greenway users to the East Bank Trail and the future river crossing. The other between Washington and Monroe Streets NE is not programmed. Two possibilities for completing this segment are to detour along 19th Av. NE or to tunnel under the railroad berm for a more direct route.


Greenway News and Features


Lounge Lizard

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Sheridan Memorial Park

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Lounge Lizard installation

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Art on and near the Great Northern Greenway

This is the NE Arts district and you will find art everywhere.  This summer, several new works were installed on the East Side Neighborhood Services campus next to the greenway. At 18th and Jefferson intersection is the NE Sculpture Garden. Close by on the 22nd Avenue Bike Boulevard you will find several others including Max Rabitat guarding the community garden.


Johnson St NE

18th to Lowry

Reconstruction scheduled for 2021

The reconstruction will include a protected multi use trail connecting the Great Northern Greenway on 18th to future facilites on Lowry planned for 2023


California to Marshall Trail Gap

Construction planned for 2022


Diagonal Trail

Connecting to the Great Northern Greenway

Across from the Stinson Boulevard & County Road 88 intersection is the Minneapolis Diagonal Trail which is a heavily used recreational and commuting route.  It travels parallel to County Road 88 and Stinson Blvd connecting to the Grand Rounds missing link at Ridgway Parkway and a trail exit onto Industrial Blvd.  Further north it connects to a new off road trail to Roseville. Going south across Hennepin is a protected bikeway that goes to the University of Minnesota.


Additional 18th Avenue Northeast Links to organizations and entities

The button “18th Ave NE links >>” provides additional information about Northeast neighborhoods and a sampling of what you can explore along the Great Northern Greenway.