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18th avenue ne

the east side of the RIVER

Marshall Street to the Diagonal Trail

The eastern section of the Greenway traveress six northeast neighborhoods, the Northeast Arts District, Central Avenue and Stinson Parkway.  Nearby is Edison High School and the Northeast Community Library.  At Marshall street it connects to the East Bank Trail along the river and further east to the 5th street and President's bike boulevards and the Grand Rounds.

Primarily an off-street shared use trail, it follows along 18th Avenue NE and has been constructed over the last 20 years.  Much of the trail has been completed since 2018, Tthe first section dating to the late 1990s when The Quarry shopping center was constructed. The next section was built in 2010 along an abandoned railroad right of way between California and 6th Streets NE. At about this time, the Northeast Diagonal Trail was built on the other side of Stinson Boulevard. In 2018  a two-year reconstruction of 18th Avenue between Monroe and Johnson Streets NE was completed and improvements  added between Johnson and Stinson in 2020.

California to Marshall Trail Gap

The trail gap from California to Marshall Street NE has been rescheduled to 2028. Another gap between Washington and Monroe streets ne has not been planned. Two possibilities for completing this second gap are to detour along 19th avenue. ne or through a tunnel under the railroad bridge which is for a more direct route.

18th Avenue Trail Gap / Great Northern Greenway
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