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Conceptual drawing


MPRB River Crossing Study

The largest remaining challenge for the Greenway is crossing the river to unite north and northeast Minneapolis recreationally.  More than 20 years of planning documents envision using the unused 14 feet vacated on the still-active the BNSF bridge. Or a foot-bike bridge could be cantilevered off the side if the railroad were willing. 

​As an alternative, the Minneapolis Parks & Recreation Board has launched a study in the fall of 2023 to examine the feasibility of building a new and separate recreational bridge just upstream of the BNSF bridge.

MPRB River Crossing Study

the Detour

Until there is a Great Northern Greenway river crossing and the trail gaps completed the shortest detour is using the Broadway Bridge.  This detour uses the scenic West River Road and East Bank trails which run along the river.

Great Northern Greenway Broadway Detour
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