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Former Mayor R.T. Rybak speaks-

“When I first walked onto the BNSF railroad bridge I had the same sense of awe and connection I had years before when I first walked onto the Stone Arch Bridge. Seeing those views, understanding that we could connect great parts of Minneapolis, I knew this had to happen. Allowing pedestrians and bikers to use the railroad bridge would allow families in north and northeast to have the same privilege I had growing up in southwest Minneapolis when I could bike or run around the Chain of Lakes. The spectacular views of river and downtown would immediately be one of Minneapolis’ signature vistas, right up there with the the skyline over Bde Maka Ska and the Spoon and Cherry. Most important, a bridge that is rarely used would be a riverfront “High Line” where communities could come together to enjoy the very best Minneapolis has to offer. Why have we waited so long?! Let’s work together to make this happen. I guarantee, generations to come will thank us.”


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